Jan.2024 31
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Jihua Synthetic Resin factory produces ABS board materials for bags instead of imported products
With the last ton of box-board material ST-571ABS product off the production line, on August 24, Jilin Petrochemical synthetic Resin Factory 1200 tons of box-board material ABS product production task successfully completed. ABS resin is a new special material product developed by the factory for the needs of the travel box processing field in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. After being put on the market, it has been optimized for 4 batches of production and finalized products to meet the technical requirements of users, completely replacing the products of imported and foreign-funded enterprises.
ABS has the properties of high toughness, high rigidity, good reuse, etc. It is suitable for vacuum blister molding by extruder. After receiving the task of producing ABS products for 1200 tons of box and bag plates, Jilin Petrochemical Synthetic Resin Factory attaches great importance to it, and the production department and the second ABS workshop have formulated a practical production plan combined with the actual situation of the factory.
"The production of ABS for luggage and bags requires high performance of SAN resin for intermediate products, and only the second set of ABS unit 5/6SAN in our factory has the production conditions", Lin Changsong, deputy director of the workshop, introduced that in order to produce SAN materials that meet the requirements, the workshop technicians work together to prepare brand switching plans and operation cards to optimize and improve the SAN production formula. The key process indicators are tracked throughout the whole process, and the smooth production of intermediate products SAN material is realized.
After the qualified SAN products were transported to the mixing silo, Wang Zhixiang, deputy director of the workshop, immediately organized the production of luggage board materials. They strictly follow the plan to change the formula, configuration of chemicals, packaging transition materials and qualified board materials, pay attention to details, layers of control. The operator inspects and cleans the vacuum mouth and die head of the extruder every hour, and carefully confirms the package batch number and inkjet code to ensure that the production process is controlled.
In the process of product production, ABS resin research and development center researchers track the whole process, carefully test the quality of products in the process of brand switching, guide the workshop to operate, and control product quality.
After 5 days and 24 hours of continuous production, the factory successfully completed the production plan of 1200 tons of ABS products. The product will be transported to the hands of users in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions to meet the production needs of downstream enterprises. (Worker's Daily client reporter Peng Bing correspondent Tian Fenghua Su Zhijian)